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Seek First To Understand Your Audience,
Then Be Understood.

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Seek First reframes and refreshes brand message, image, and voice for both organizations
and individuals. Your brand expression is as important as your brand promise. LEARN MORE
A word is worth
a thousand pictures.
A picture is worth,
Friends...let us be

A lot has changed since the web connected our world, but at least one thing remains constant: how the mind categorizes both people and products. In order to stand out, your brand has to ‘own’ or embody an idea, a phrase or word. Volvo owned ‘safety’. 7-up owned ‘the UN-cola’. Fedex still owns ‘overnight’. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall to anything. In today’s increasingly crowded market-space, a word is worth a thousand pictures.


not what it used to be. And yet, even more than it used to be. Image is the currency of our cultural communication, yet it is devaluing like the dollar. The influx of images today that flood mind and market via memes from Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc., have given our eyes a buffet to consume leaving original imagery in storytelling even harder to come by. This is why image, and images, are even more critical to craft uniquely - unique to you and your brand.

The cost of clarity, or the lack of it can be high. But those that pay for clarity grow, and those that pay for the lack of it ‘feel it’, be it individuals or organizations.
Business leaders who think they can pass on brand clarity are leaders who will pass, and in today’s organizational climate, stewardship of brand is in desperate need.
You owe it to yourself, and those you serve as well as lead, to not just embrace your brand promise and story, but to embody it and express it daily.

Capital Conscious
World Vision
Sage Stone Wealth Management
XETA Capital
Pay ZERO Taxes
Mumbo Life Products
Rogue Easter
Llama Commerce
Mergent Ventures
Big Net Marketing
Greater Than Good
Sunset Hills
Massachusetts Family Institute
RUN Series for George Wood
The MOOV Market (NFTs)
Spectrum NFT
Urban Islands Project
Church Multiplication Network
Ignite Youth
Roots Series
Personhood USA
A.D. on NBC
Assemblies of God
My Healthy Church
D6 Cirriculum
Project Rescue
Project Rescue Foundation
The Giving Company
Healthy Campaign for My Healthy Church
Kennel Creek
Vitae Foundation
The Commons Church
Castillo de Pinar
Converge Worldwide
Cross Partners
Yankee Aroma Direct UK
Church Multiplication Network
Rosewood Park Alliance Church
Eastpoint Church
Internet Marketing Solutions
Restoration Church
Springfield Grocer

Work & Clients

Here's what others are saying...

“I have had the pleasure of contracting the leadership of Seek First to work with on the brand refresh of Sage Stone Wealth Management as well as a brand build for my nonprofit for the elderly. They were able to phase the rebrand of my company in a way that delivered within the first 45 days for a large community event, while developing a brand refresh for an educational organization I sit on the board for, and build a brand for my nonprofit all within a 6-month window.  I lean into Seek First and their brand expertise for my most critical projects and initiatives. They possess a proven track record and performance that has helped fuel the successful launch or relaunch of the organizations I oversee, and I recommend them highly.” 

– Mary Naber President + Founder of Sage Stone Wealth Management



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