HonorChangesEverything.com launches May 2020

Seek First is pleased to announce our launching of HonorChangesEverything.com - the new website for Honor Ministries founded by Mr. Tony Rorie.

At current, 46% of the youth in our nation woke up this morning without a dad at home. In urban areas, it is as high as 78%. This year, over 750,000 kids in the US will attempt suicide because they feel that their lives are without purpose. In every state, our juvenile detention facilities are overflowing and prescription drugs for behavioral disorders and depression among teenagers is at an all time high. One need look no further than our homes, neighborhoods or schools to see how distant, indifferent and passive our kids have become. When presented with the message of honor, something in these kids changes. Teachers and administrators are seeing it impact their classrooms through increased test scores, classroom morale, respect for one another and their teachers. Honor is a true game-changer. It in fact, can and will change everything.

For some history, Honor Ministries was started 17 years ago, and continues to empower 'at-risk' youth through training and mentoring in areas of character, honesty, integrity and perseverance.

What makes the The Men of Honor & Ladies of Honor Strategy so powerful, is the combination of weekend camps and weekly one-hour discipleship meetings, using character-specific Men of Honor or Ladies of Honor Curriculum, as well as the Ed Cole Majoring in Men curriculum. This stuff works.

The program focuses on the following:

• Chivalry

• Honor

• Rites of Passage

• The Father’s Blessing

• Courageous Leadership

• Moral Excellence

The Men of Honor and Ladies of Honor program is easily adapted for use in a variety of locations where children and young people are commonly served, including:

• Churches – as a weekly Sunday School or Wednesday night program to create world-changers for Christ!

• Schools – as a before or after school club to impact the entire school and community! Recreation Centers – Reach out to “At Risk” kids and impact generations!

As to the project, we started with a focus on the brand message and what it actually is that Honor Ministries promises. It's promise, as we came to find out, is that of true life-change. For the kids, but the lives of their friends and families as well.

The phrase "Honor Changes Everything" paired up with images of kids changed from distant to present, indifference to significance, and passivity to passion seemed to resonate and test well with initial surveying.

Additionally, with 3 unique audiences to message for volunteer and donor development, (business, church and academic leaders), we needed a message that could resonate with each audience - and not just resonate, but legitimately be true.

The result after its first week has been well received, but it will take a steady process of ongoing communication to drive this message home and see a proportionate increase amidst COVID-19, yet we are believing for good results.

Working with Tony Rorie and his son Daniel has been nothing short of a pleasure, let alone a gift of grace. If you are a business, church or community leader who wants to make an impact, I encourage you to reach out to Tony or Danny Rorie at Honor Ministries.

You can learn more about Honor Ministries as well as contact them at www.HonorChangesEverything.com.

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