Weekend Warrior or Weekend Wonder? What if...

The Holy Scriptures tell us, "Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks." Piggybacking on that thought, I would venture to say, "out of the overflow of our weekend plans, our life speaks".

Now I am not talking about plans you perhaps have been 'talked into', or the plans you have made to avoid being the true you, but the plans you have either made for yourself in the dreams of your mind...or the ones you would make for yourself if you could remake them - for the best possible version of you.

What plans would you, or do you have, to 'restore' your inner self?

Our choices make our days, our weekends...our life. Not only that, they can impact, or not impact, the lives of others. So as you think about the weekend ahead, how will it add to your life narrative? How will it enrich you or those important to you? How will it better yourself for the next week? Perhaps this weekend, before the hustle and bustle of Holiday prep takes place, you 'get away' into your inner self...and answer those nagging questions, or that calling you have placed on indefinite hold.

What if you decided to slow down enough from your warrior self, to a weekend of 'wonder' ...getting away and pressing into the dreams that renew your sense of hope or purpose? How much could you improve yourself, for the better of you and others?

May you live a day (or maybe two), doing the 'smartest' thing you could do, untethering yourself from your 'not-so-smart' phone or bad binge habits to live a weekend well played, well rested, and well loved.

What if...

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