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Branding Proposal (Overview)

Greetings Mary,


From what I have gathered from some initial research and our very delightful conversation thus far, it seems clear to me that you, as well as your team, have a strong and longstanding history that has worked and still works to your advantage, which is a wonderful thing. 

The following is a bit of a 'quick-turn' proposal - not the norm I would take time to deliver but with the upcoming event in June, I felt it best to move on this faster to make the most of that opportunity. Again, when able, if we can get access to their demographics or media kit for that event, it will prove helpful.

Having said that, let's move forward...

What You Have is Good. But What You Want is Greater.

My takeaway from our discussion today about goals is that, in order to take this company where you want to go, you will need more than your past history to build upon, so, some enhancements would appear to be in order from a strategic communications standpoint.

Branding is an Inside Job, but it has to Weather the Elements.

Great brands are enduring brands, and we have the benefit of your tremendous history to work with, but we need to leverage that history into updated and effective communication that can stand against the winds and trends of today's marketplace to build the needed momentum toward your future goals. From what I understand, that is why you chose me, for which I am honored.

If You Confuse, You Lose.

When it comes to marketing, clever is good, but direct is better.

That is why I use the Storybrand methodology. It is a simple, proven, and extremely effective process that eliminates what is unnecessary from communication by prioritizing what is most important to your customer - the hero in their own story. Working this age-old process of storytelling allows the mind to literally conserve calories as it works to figure out, from what you are saying, how to survive and thrive.


'Tone' Will Be Your 'Recalling Card'.

At the end of the day, people do business with people, and the tone we set is key. The truth is, we all recall how something was said as much or more than what has been said.


Moving forward together, (and forgive my phonetic play with words here), my goal will be to further reveal and perhaps enhance, the 'tone of the stone', as you reach out and touch new customers to further set you apart. 

A Customer Acquired Does Not Always Equal a Customer Retained.

Acquisition comes from a solid strategy. Retention is born of art. From a communications standpoint, (whether digital or in print), to ensure that the tone we set at 'first impression' is the tone they feel along the way at various points in their customer journey, I will also work to equip you with the branded resources you need to sustain a winsome walk with them, not just a strong introduction.

Consistency Will Be Your Competitive Advantage.

Being known is one thing. Staying known is another.

Having said that, while updating your brand is needed, remaining both current and consistent with your marketing/communications across the board is necessary to move 'up and to the right' toward that ten-figure outcome. This will require both some upgrades and increased exposure to stay out front.

Seek First Services + Your Investment = Successful Outcomes




Strategic Brand Script Messaging: $2,250

(also includes Mission Statement Enhancement, Company One-Line Descriptor,

Terminology Augmentation, Key Headline Crafting, Copywriting, etc.)

Phase 1 - Website Softlaunch for FishFest Event: $2,500

This rushed version is to meet the needs of your upcoming June event

Includes Form Building, Automated Email Response Designs

Website will be Switched to WIX Web Hosting + Includes Training

Phase 2 - Website Development + Design: $3,500

Includes Form Building, Automated Email Response Designs

Includes Additional Back-end Management Training

Social Media Design + Canva Template System: $1,750

Includes Profile, Cover Images, and 3-5 Different Template Styles

Fact Sheet Designs: $650 each (x3) = $1,950

Redesign of CT Article as 'Whitepaper': $1,500

Likely to be utilized as a Downloadable PDF for Email Capture

but can be used for other purposes

Post-Website Launch Customer Journey Collateral: $1,550

Print + Digital Resources that Retain Consistency of

the Brand Revitalization effort after the Launch

(Includes Nurture Email Design, Brochures, etc)

For less than you might invest in a new team member, you can retain

branding, marketing, and PR specialist services that can

advance you toward your goal of 1 billion in asset management.



TOTAL $15,000

A deposit of $5,000 would initiate the project for May, plus:


$4,500 by June 15

$3,000 by July 15

$2,500 by August 15

Project Completion by August 15




A deposit of $5,000 would initiate the project for May, plus:



Ongoing Branding + Marketing Services

Utilizing Wealth Management Marketing Specialists

to Deliver Qualified Leads thru April of 2024

*Additional Marketing Costs (Ad Spend) Will Require Client Approval




A deposit of $5,000 would initiate the project for May, plus:



Ongoing Branding + Marketing  & PR Services

Utilizing Wealth Management Marketing  & PR Specialists

to Deliver Qualified Leads thru April of 2024

*Additional Marketing Costs (Ad Spend) Will Require Client Approval

These are recommended pricing + schedule options, however,

if special needs dictate otherwise, I am flexible and open to discussion

for both a reduction in pricing and adjustments to timing

Additional services after the project can be engaged at $75 per hour,

or by agreed-upon monthly retainer or individual project price.

Seek First, to Understand.
(An Overview of Your forthcoming Seek First Storybrand Process)


• Who do you say you are? (Brand Identity)

• Where do you find yourself? (Position in Market)

• Why are you here? (Mission)

• How did you get here? (History)

• Where are you going? (Future Vision)


• Current Customer Profile

   What are their problems? (Internal & External)

   What are your solutions?

(How are they a good fit? How are they not? What needs to change?)

• Future Customer Profile

   What are their problems? (Internal & External)

   What are your solutions?

• What is the current customer journey?


• They are the Hero in their story

• You are the Guide

• Where do they find themselves? (Psychologically)

• Who and where do they desire to be? (Aspirationally)

• Defining the Horizon Line (Their Goals)

• By Land with a Map or Sea with a Compass (Low Risk/High Risk)

• Establishing the Path or Setting Course (Appropriate Call to Action)


• Conversations for the Journey (Customer Journey after the Sale)

• Checking the Map/Compass (Are the Basics Working?)
• Monitoring the Road, Wind & Temp (Checking for Changes/Problems)

• Finding Friends Along the Way (Referrals to be Considered)

• In Reach of their Destination (Cheering Them On)

This is a general overview of the Brand Journey I will be taking you on to aid me in delivering an effective message and image that can move you toward your goals. While branding is not enough in and of itself - if it is not carefully crafted, it can severely lessen the impact of your marketing efforts. 

Good branding doesn't just project what you want, it protects both what you have at current, and what you aspire to possess in the future.

I look forward to the prospect of serving you and your team as you move toward the next phase of Sage Stone.

Seek First the Kingdom,

Keith Locke


719-465-4977 mobile



Monthly Hosting fees will be covered by client, at an average cost of roughly $35 per month. Additional web services requested by client may come at an additional cost.

Ongoing Monthly Retainer prices are subject to discussion

Project timelines may ebb and flow based on both party's workflow and feedback loop, timing, and details, but this project is expected to be fully complete by August 15 with some deadlines being met by the FishFest event in June.

Both parties agree to a normative level of grace and understanding for challenges to be met and modest changes in schedules, with any excessive changes to timeline or scope to be discussed by phone and affirmed with oral or written follow-up. (If further clarification on this is needed, feel free to call and discuss).

Again, thank you for your consideration and trust, in engaging me to move with you in the advancement of your stewardship of Sage Stone Wealth Management. 

Simply click on the link below to initiate our project with payment via credit or debit card via Square Invoicing.

May God bless us all as we endeavor together!

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