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Jaudon Sunde - Branding/Marketing Proposal (overview)

Brand & Marketing Deployment 


• Brand discussion - Thursday Afternoon, June 20, via phone interview

   - to be discussed: Brand Promise, Perception, Positioning, Values, Voice 

• Brand Creative Development - Friday, June 21, by Seek First


• Brand Creative Development -  Monday, June 24, by Seek First

• Brand Review - Tuesday afternoon, June 25, via phone interview

• Brand refinement - Wednesday - Friday, June 26 - 28, by Seek First

• Website Landing Page development - Wednesday - Friday, June 26 - 28, by Seek First

WEEK 3-4

• Brand Story Video development, by Seek First

   - Script development - July 1 - 9 phone meetings to be scheduled (working around a holiday schedule)

   - Creative execution - July 10 - 16

WEEK 3,4-6

• Brand Road Map development/deployment - July 10 - 19, by Seek First

• Full Website development - July 15 - 31,by Seek First

• SEO/Social Media Advertising development - July 15 - 31, by Seek First


$2,500 deposit June 18

$1,250 July 1 at launch of landing page

$1,250 July 15-26 resting upon completion of work

Total cost of $5,000 


$1,500 Brand Message, Identity and Design

            (reduced charges of over $1,000)

$3,250* Website Design Development

            (reduced charges of over $1,000)

$750 Social Media Asset Design of branding and templates

            (reduced charges of over $750)

$1,500 Landing Page being donated at no charge

* Monthly Hosting fees will be covered by client, and amount will be dictated by final agreed upon choice of hosting provider.

Normative changes of 2-3 rounds can be expected due to budget.

The timelines included are estimates and may ebb and flow by measures of a week based on workflow and feedback loop timing and details.

Both parties agree to a normative level of grace and understanding for challenges to be met and modest changes in schedules, with any excessive changes to timeline or scope to be discussed by phone and affirmed with written follow-up.


Ongoing services following the initial brand refresh and web/social relaunch will be discussed after completion of the project.

Again, thank you for your consideration and trust, in engaging Seek First to move with you in the advancement of your business and passion. 

Simply click on the link below to initiate our project with payment via Square Invoicing.

May God bless as we endeavor together!

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