Below is a brief look at the logo and name we settled on and am keeping it here for reference for you as I work through the rest of the creative.


Imbedded within 'Promise' are the following ideas:

A declaration that something good is coming or assured.

Good grounds for expecting.

Something good to be fulfilled.

A capacity for good - a value to be realized in the near future.

Biblically, it is a gift graciously bestowed - and along with that are all the positive uses of it through scripture.

Additionally, when someone suggests that a person or a thing has 'promise' it is loaded with the idea of 'potential'.


Some marketing options for web addresses would be:



Below is the January schedule to get your website and social properties up and going along with the new brand name and message. Again, since this is a rushed process, please anticipate some ebb and flow to schedule projections but in the end, we should have a solid soft-launch (1st version of your website) up and running at the end of this month to be able to promote in February.


5/6 - Branding questionnaire for Christy & Joanna

7/8 - Review of naming and logo concepts

11/12 - Present revisions to concepts along with website visual direction

13/14 - Approval of name and logo and visual direction for website + social

18/19 - Website mock-up with more detail delivered with a site map

20/21 - CRM discussions/solutions

24-31 - Site development + soft-launch along with social graphics


NOTES: If we get a good enough jump on this, we may start some social media teasers shortly after we settle on a name and logo that tease out the launch in February.

Also, during this time, business card, letterhead, and stationery will likely fit into the creative process as well - we can front-load that before the site build to get those to a printer and get them back in time for the launch.

Additionally, this page will be the page where design and messaging samples will be reviewed in the coming weeks, but once we agree on the name change the page name will change as well and I will issue you a new link at that time. 


Thank you both! Call or text me anytime - with any questions.