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Assemblies of God  |  100 Year Anniversary rebrand

Assemblies of God  |  website homepage mock-up


CHALLENGE: In the throws of a successful rebranding of My Healthy Church for the Assemblies of God, the executive team pulled Seek First leadership in on their core denominational brand to re-imagine this 100-year old movement in a new light.


After first contacting us with a spec request for general concepts, we secured a year-long contract for their church resource brand that carried with it the most welcome case of project scope creep we have seen to this day.


SOLUTION: Internally, there were massive relational/political landmines to navigate in rebranding a 100-year old organization. This was no small feat and there was no guaranteed win with the revolving doors of elected leadership.


Externally, we knew we if they were going to ever get to ‘send a message’ to the world, it had better be as cohesive as what was engineered with the United Methodists when they came out with “Open Hearts. Open Minds. Open Doors. The people of the United Methodist Church.”


What leadership wanted, was something that ‘they would know when they see” it....which was a problem. It meant image first, message second, which is rarely a good strategy, but often times when change is overdue, an organization is ready for something they are not ready for.


The end result - a denominational redesign of a 100-year old brand, ministry and sub ministry-wide rebrands, product launches, package design, brand launch at their 2014 General Council event with a full exhibit hall environmental retail branding experience as well as a forward vision for the denomination as a voice-driven movement as seen in the samples below.


If you would like to see additional work from this endeavor with the Assemblies, (of which there is no shortage), contact us for samples and case studies.


NEXT STEPS: If you are an organizational leader with a mandate to increase your reach or effectiveness in communication, we strongly encourage you to engage Seek First for your next endeavor. Whether your need lies within core brand strategy, web development, email design, video production, photography, social media deployment or print collateral, we can fill the bill.

Assemblies of God  |  logo evolution

Assemblies of God  |  Proposal for a Voice-Driven Movement

Assemblies of God  |  A Voice-Driven People

Assemblies of God  |  A Voice-Driven Organization

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